Doctors Baker and Brown, accompanied by their robots KASS and BARS, left their space station, the SS Vigilance, one day, to get some Cheesy Snax and the newest Space Cadet video game. When they returned in their lander, their crazy old neighbour Doctor Tran was making a terrible attempt to dock his lander with the Vigilance, to steal some of their Space Beer. The two doctors attempted to talk him out of it, but when Doctor Tran continued to try to force the hatch open, the explosive decompression scared Doctor Tran away, who then turned invisible and went home safely. With the Vigilance now spinning wildly out of control and headed for the planet's surface, and the hot new copy of Space Cadet burning a hole in Dr Baker's backseat, he had no choice but to attempt a high-speed docking maneuver. He fired up his engines to the protest of KASS (who had been forced to pay at the last Space Gas Station), and headed for the remaining docking hatch underneath the violently spinning Vigilance.

Locking is a game made in Unity for the 2018 Movie Game Jam, designed and programmed by David "Katana" Keyworth, and music and sound effects by Junhee "compozerjun" Kim.

This game is a parody/imitation of the Docking scene from the movie Interstellar, in which you must pilot your craft up to a wildly spinning space station and dock with it as it crashes to a planet's surface.

We had no artist for this jam, so mostly programmer artwork and free Unity assets (licenses listed in build) are in use!

Published Feb 12, 2018
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Made withUnity
TagsParody, Space


Download 71 MB
Version 5 Mar 04, 2018


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I love it <3 Love the gameplay, the cameras, the precision :D and the comedy haha it's awesome, good work!

Thank you for playing :)